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At The Royalty En Route Foundation we empower, encourage and equip people with the means to unlock their potential.

No stranger to life’s challenges our founder, Angelica, has spent her entire existence as a rare disorder patient. She was born with Phenylketonuria (PKU), but that never stopped her family from believing and encouraging her that anything she dreamed was possible.

Angelica is now known throughout the rare community, social media and the pageant circuit as “The Rare Queen”, she is an author, pageant queen, speaker, influencer and rare disease advocate that specializes in helping patients and families adapt and understand the transition from being a child with a rare disease to being an adult with a rare disease and all that encompasses.


Angelica has helped develop programs and workshops that have altered the course of many lives for the better through her life coaching & travel programs.


Angelica’s experience as a rare disorder patient puts her in a unique position to understand that everyone at some point of their life has a special need. (and that is okay)


Angelica Lamas-Baker has the absolute fortitude to help you fight for your dreams and ambitions to make them a reality.

Normal is subjective. Embrace what makes you RARE.

– Angelica Lamas-Baker (See Romans 12:2)

Barriers & Roadblocks

Everyone “battles” with something
Everyone has dreams & ambitions Have you ever thought:

I want or need to write or tell my story but your anxiety & negative thoughts said NO?

Have you ever felt “UNQUALIFIED” ?

Do you just feel like something is missing in your life?

These are inner battles we ALL have, sometimes, let me help empower you to push through the negativity’s front line defenses

There’s a Whole New World to Discover

Are you interested in a more holistic approach to travel planning?

Are you more focused on the “how” and “why” of travel instead of the “where” and “what”?

Do you need to reconnect with someone or even a part of you that you feel like you’ve lost?

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